The Spatial Information Design Lab is now the Center for Spatial Research at Columbia University. Visit our new site at to find out about current projects and upcoming events. This site is an archive of work completed up to 2014.


Date Title Author(s) Publication Keywords Description Link PDF
2013 Close Up at a Distance, Mapping Technology Politics Laura Kurgan Zone Books, 2013 Mapping, Urbanism, Memory, Satellites, GPS, GIS, Remote Sensing The past two decades have seen revolutionary shifts in our ability to navigate, inhabit, and define the spatial realm. The data flows that condition much of our lives now regularly include Global Positioning System (GPS) readings and satellite... More
2011 From Waiting Rooms to Resource Hubs Laura Kurgan, Craig Hosang NYC Department of Probation million dollar blocks, justice, new york city, probation In 2010, as a result of the Million Dollar Blocks Project and extensive work on Justice Reinvestment in Central City New Orleans and Brownsville Brooklyn, Laura Kurgan was invited by New York City’s Department of Probation to undertake a project... More Writ-20110415b_for print.pdf
2009 Justice Re-Investment New Orleans Spatial Information Design Lab justice, new orleans This is the final report based on work done for a grant titled "Rebuilding Community, Prisoner Reentry and Neighborhood Planning in Post-Katrina New Orleans." The report contains three parts: 1. An Introduction to the concepts of Million... More JR_NewOrleans.pdf
2008 The Pattern Spatial Information Design Lab million dollar blocks, justice This publication documents the pattern of incarceration in four cities in the United States: Phoenix, Wichita, New Orleans and New York. ThePattern.pdf
2007 New York City Department of Sanitation: 311 Complaint Spatial Analysis Assessment Sarah Williams, Nick Klein 311, new york city, spatial analysis, GIS New York City rolled out it’s 311 call system in 2003 and according to its web site it “is New York City’s phone number for government information and non-emergency services.” That means if New York citizens have a complaint, instead of calling 911... More DSNYfinalreport_ver2.pdf
2007 City Council of New Orleans Criminal Justice Committee Meeting Spatial Information Design Lab new orleans, justice Presentation to City Council in New Orleans, June 12th, 2007. A more detailed report will follow in October 2007. PDF_05.pdf
2006 Scenario Planning Workshop Spatial Information Design Lab million dollar blocks, justice, urban planning This publication documents the results of a Scenario Planning Workshop, hosted by SIDL and facilitated by the Global Business Network on September 29th, 2006. The workshop took place at the Architectural League of New York as part of the exhibit,... More ScenarioPlanning.pdf
2006 Architecture & Justice Spatial Information Design Lab architecture, justice, million dollar blocks A guide to accompany the exhibition Architecture and Justice, at the Architectural League opening on September 14, 2006. PDF_04.pdf
2005 Justice Re-Investment New Orleans Spatial Information Design Lab million dollar blocks, justice, new orleans A study of topography, prison admissions and expenditures in New Orleans including a focus on one specific housing project in the Ninth Ward, The Florida Homes. PDF_03.pdf
2005 Architecture & Justice (Proposal) Laura Kurgan architecture, justice A proposal to convene a strategy meeting of architects, planners, government officials, and advocates to demonstrate and put into practice the difference that thinking in architectural terms can make to policy initiatives. PDF_01.pdf