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Visualizing Neuroscience Publications Keyword Network

Visualizing Neuroscience Publications Keyword Network

This project is a prototype data visualization for a neuroscience keyword network selected from neuroscience journals, which shows a network of neuroscientists, including the relationships between researchers, laboratories, and the content of their work. Demonstrated here are two methods of visualization.  One, viewing the full network of papers related to neuroscience and memory. Two, showing “one paper,” by displaying the network of papers related to that single paper - in this case, Eric Kandel’s "Cognitive neuroscience and the study of memory.”  The tool allows users to navigate research artifacts in ways more revealing than a standard database, which simply returns searches as a list of papers, but shows relationships they might not know are there.

About the data:

To render this prototype, we worked with Scopus, a journal database containing abstracts and citations for thousands of scientific publications. We conducted several data searches and created the network visualization based on the search of keyword “memory.” In this basic trial, we narrowed our results to the top journals on the topic “memory” within the field of “neuroscience.” The network view calls out keyword relations between papers, something that can be lost in the myriad of papers written and in the frenzy of citation counts in searches. Sometimes, the most "important" papers are those that are cited quite infrequently, but that contain unusual and unique discoveries. How to get at this aspect of the data? It will require more prototypes, but the keywords can be a way of moving towards this goal.

Project Team

Annelie Berner, Design, Development and Data Analysis

Caitlin Shure, Research Advisor

Type: Data visualization