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THERE+HERE: Transnationalism and Migration

THERE+HERE: Transnationalism and Migration

Building on a studio on Remittances in 2008 and “Terre Natale: Exits,” Laura Kurgan ran a seminar course to launch “There+Here,” a project on telling the local stories of transnationalism and migration. Using remittances data, census data, field visits, and interviews, the students worked to understand this phenomenon and its spatial manifestations in New York City paired with a location elsewhere — sometimes rural, sometimes urban. In the future, the project will focus, not just on New York City, but rather on Global Cities and migrants who establish networks to sustain themselves locally and in their home countries. This is still a work in progress.

We looked closely at local instantiations of global phenomena in New York City, and told told stories which focused on the question: how does transnationalism reveal itself in local ways and what does it means for pairs of nations? To facilitate storytelling, locally and globally, SIDL partnered with Zeega to use their new open-source platform. We worked with them to include mapping into their storytelling platform. Zeega makes it easy to collaboratively produce, curate and publish participatory multimedia projects online, on mobile devices and in physical spaces, illustrating local instantiations of global issues. 

An interactive exploration of transnationalism and migration
Remittances from the United States
Remittances from Colombia
Remittances from France
Migration from India
Migration from Nigeria
Project Team

Project Director: Laura Kurgan

Research Associate: Georgia Bullen

Collaboration: Jesse Shapins and the Zeega Team.

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Types: Data visualization, Mapping, tagged: mapping, data, migration, remittances