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Stillspotting NYC

Stillspotting NYC

An interdisciplinary group of graduate students working with Laura Kurgan and Sarah Williams at SIDL, investigated the concept of "stillness" in a fast-moving city this semester by exploring ways to visualize data about stillness and silence -- and their corollaries, noise and commotion. This workshop/seminar class wasa testing ground for this investigation, and the results of the research workshop were included on the Guggenheim's "StillspottingNYC" website.

In a "city that never sleeps," how can and do New Yorkers escape, find respite, and make alternate use of their spaces? SIDL joins the Guggenheim Museum's team for StillspottingNYC, a quiet and poetic project that takes the Guggenheim out of the Museum and into New York's urban landscape to highlight unusual sources of silence in a space inhabited by more than 8.3 million residents. 

Noise Map

Stillspotting NYC



Project Team

Contact: Laura Kurgan and Sarah Williams 
Research Associate: Caspar Lam
Student Researcher: Greta Byrum 

Project Contact:
Types: Data visualization, Mapping, tagged: gis, nyc, data visualization