The Spatial Information Design Lab is now the Center for Spatial Research at Columbia University. Visit our new site at to find out about current projects and upcoming events. This site is an archive of work completed up to 2014.

Nairobi: Free the Data

Nairobi: Free the Data

The Spatial Information Design Lab worked with the Earth Institute to create a GIS database of Nairobi, Kenya. This database is groundbreaking for those trying to make informed decisions about Nairobi’s future development. While the city of Nairobi has some GIS databases these databases are hard urban planners, policy analyst, and community stakeholders to obtain. This project set out to create a freely available dataset that will allow those interested in Nairobi’s future to use GIS to make informed decisions. Obtaining this type of data in many developing countries is extremely difficult and its provision here will likely have an effect on planning and data policies within the city itself. 

Project Team

Sarah Williams and the Earth Institute at Columbia University
Research Partners: Serena Deng, Gita Subramony, Chris Simi, Aja Maria Hazelhoff

Project Contact:
Types: Data visualization, Mapping, tagged: mapping, data visualization