Crossing Disciplines
Exit Guide

A digital library tool for multidisciplinary exploration.

Guiding Notes
Project Team:

Spatial Information Design Lab

Laura Kurgan, Project Director

Jen Lowe, Data Visualization and Data Analysis

Annelie Berner, Application and Design Development, D3 Progamming.

Columbia Library

Alex Gil, Jeffrey Lancaster, Barbara Rochenbach


Represented subjects are the 25 most interdisciplinary in the Columbia University Libraries. They are arranged around the ring according to frequency - where Claims etc.* has the highest frequency of connected books.

*Claims encompasses four subjects: Legislative Amendments, Military pensions, United States, and Claims.

Book Circles:

Each circle represents a collection of books related to a unique combination of subjects. For example, Art, Architecture and Science have 1 book in common - the circle that represents this intersection is on the tier of circles with 3 connections.

Each circle's diameter is scaled to how many books are in its "collection."

The inner glyph shows the direction of the subjects it is related to - mouseover and the glyph will extend to touch those specific subjects.

Click here for a guided explanation of the graphic.