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Untapped Cities - Social Media and Designing the City

The clean space of Studio X was a neat fit for Tuesday’s panel discussion on the potential of social media in the future of urban research and planning.  New York Times journalist, Noam Cohen, moderated the discussion. He started by voicing popular concerns over governments’ usage of our data; the data generated by all the social media we now incorporate into our daily travails.   Mr. Cohen remarked that social media has the positive effect of making us a “connected crowd in the city.” The seemingly random chaos of modern life has a “warp and woof to it,” he says, and these patterns can be used.

Brett Martin, of, continued on this theme. He presented where we are now with social media, along with current trends in research. is a mobile application that reveals the hidden connections around you. It is getting so easy to communicate, “we share you for you,” Marin says, all you have to do is download the app. There is an explosion of personal data now that can be leveraged, collected and shared. The trick is to utilize the best data for the best fit, “more data in, better data out.”

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Friday, March 30, 2012